Meet the Founders




Dovev actually grew up without a father in his life and while most people would have allowed that to live a life with no purpose Dovev did the opposite. He actually wrote a book about his pain and how he was able to overcome adversity and start going after his dreams. The book is entitled Chasing Your Dreams: Bound for Success. It is a story of forgiveness and how Dovev hated his father for over 20 years and how it wasn’t until he made the hard decision to forgive him that he was able to start going after his goals and dreams in life with purpose.

Now Dovev is on a mission to inspire the masses to start going after their goals and dreams daily. As the founder of C.T.O.D. he is committed to helping any organization, school, student, or adult that is serious about going after their dreams with passion. C.T.O.D. will become the number source for inspiration and with that platform they will create content that encourages people to start the journey of a lifetime. One of Dovev’s ultimate goals is to help millions of people to start living with purpose and enjoying every aspect of their lives. His contagious energy and positivity will get you charged up about life and want to start the journey that leads to Paradise. He has spoken to thousands of students, inspired adults to start dreaming again, hosted events that encourage entrepreneurship and will be doing an exclusive tour around the world speaking at schools to increase awareness for DREAMING BIG IN LIFE.

Dovev’s passion in life is to inspire anyone that has a dream, that every single person has the ability to live the life you deserve. No matter your situation, do your best to think positive thoughts because your thoughts are what can shape your future. Make sure you think intentionally about the life you wish to have.

Dovev’s ultimate mission for Closer To Our Dreams is to create content that can literally change the trajectory of someone’s life as soon as they apply the principles from the content. He is committed to travel all over the world to spread the message that you can have the life you want…. IF and only IF you are willing to put in the work.




Elliot grew up on the Southside of Chicago, which is not the best neighborhood to grow up in as a child. He likes to say “I’m just a kid from Chicago”. Growing up in such a bad environment did not deter Elliot from realizing his potential in life. Although drugs, prostitution, gang violence, and various negative activities were in his proximity he had no desire to be a part of that lifestyle. Because of his strong connection with his mother and older brother Elliot was able to make decisions that were in the best interest of his future. He was not enticed by the immediate gratification of living of life of crime that would only lead to being in jail or death.

Elliot had many talents but the one that stood out early on was his gift to play football. By the age of 16 years old he had scouts from all the top universities looking at him and by his Senior year in high school, he had scholarship offers to play at some top-notch universities. Michigan State University, The University of Miami of Ohio, and Iowa University all wanted to sign Elliot in his senior year. Although Elliot thrived in playing football, he didn’t have the support he felt he needed to play at that level but most importantly he felt that playing football wasn’t what he was called to do. He felt that he was put on this earth to do far more than just play football.

Elliot moved out to LA and within his first two weeks of being in the city, he was able to score 3 National Commercials. He has a gift with connecting with people and them feeling like they have known him for years. That is a gift that is very important to have when trying to build a network. Elliot is also the CEO of Keys to The Industry, which is a company that is reinventing the way casts and crews connect.

Now Elliot is on a mission to create a level playing field for those that have dreams in life. As the co-founder of C.T.O.D. he is committed to helping people live a life they can be excited about. He will have a direct hand in making sure those that have dreams will reach them by providing mentorship to those that are willing to take the guidance.

Elliot’s ultimate mission for Closer To Our Dreams is to create a platform for those dreamers who are truly in need. He is committed to traveling all over the world to spread the message that whatever you want in life you can have it if you have the courage to go after it.